Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Space Needle to Raise Pride Flag During Seattle Pride"

Joe Mirabella (
On Wednesday afternoon, the Space Needle posted a clarifying messaging to their Facebook page after some push back from a handfull of people when the Space Needle issued a fundraising challenge in response to a community call to raise the Pride flag led by Josh Castle’s petition.

Their new statement makes it absolutely clear that the Space Needle will raise the Pride flag during Seattle Pride weekend. They also want to continue to raise $50,000 through an online fundraiser to help four LGBT charities. This is a real win/win for everyone involved. Those passionate about the Pride flag will get to see it on the Space Needle again. Those who know how desperately our community needs financial support will have a tool to raise $50,000. The Space Needle kicked off the fundraiser with a $5,000 contribution of their own. MORE...

Howie P.S.: If you read The Other Seattle Daily, none of this ever happened.

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