Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"First Lady Michelle Obama Pokes Fun At Her Husband To Leno: ‘Oh, He’s Aging!’ But Still ‘Gorgeous’" (with video)

MEDIAite with video (13:32):
On Tuesday night, First Lady Michelle Obama visited NBC’s Tonight Show, chatting with host Jay Leno about her “Let’s Move” health initiative.

She also shared that, for her birthday, her mom baked her a red velvet cake (it really is the best kind of cake, folks — the “secret” ingredient is vinegar) with the help of First Daughters Sasha and Malia. The First Lady admitted that, sure, the cake is high in calories. But when you’re dancing along with Beyonce or on Nickelodeon, the cake melts right off. Plus, she runs, lifts weights and kickboxes. And punches Al Roker, apparently. MORE...
Howie P.S.: If you watched Part 1 (embed-above), Part 2 is here. If you go to the MEDIAite link, the video is the full (13:32).

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