Tuesday, February 21, 2012

John Nichols in Seattle - "Uprising in Wisconsin" (with video)

Thom Hartmann, video (09:43).

Howie P.S.: This interview covers much of the territory Nichols went over last night @ Seattle Town Hall. One of the key takeaways:
We in Washington state need to be concerned about the upcoming election for our new governor.
Nichols called me "brother" and was generous in his choice of words for the inscription in my copy of his new book:
For Howie-Thanks for your incredible media work!
Nichols is the kind of guy who wears a very stylish dark suit as well as a bunch of funky, friendship bracelets on his left wrist, given to him by his young daughter. His talk emphasized that the struggle for economic equality is not going away, despite the assertions of some in the corporate media including the New York Times. This observation caused me to see a connection between the civil rights movement and the economic equality movement: both will have victories and setbacks as well as staying power.

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