Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Peter Steinbrueck to announce run for Seattle mayor"

Emily Heffter (Seattle Times):
Steinbrueck, formerly of North Seattle but living on First Hill after his recent divorce, has already gathered endorsements from Real Change Executive Director Tim Harris, City Councilmember Nick Licata, and David Bloom, the former deputy director of the Seattle Church Council, among others.
Steinbrueck's campaign manager, Justin Simmons, wrote in a letter to supporters Tuesday that Steinbrueck will be "the most progressive candidate in the race, the candidate with the most civic leadership experience, the only candidate with real urban planning expertise, and the candidate who I believe will generate the broadest base of support in the neighborhoods and in the social justice, environmental and labor communities."
One of Steinbrueck's strengths will be his long relationships in the city. He joined the council as a newcomer along with Licata and Richard Conlin — now institutions in Seattle's city government.
"Peter was known as somebody who was really known for not just being a leader, but as someone with a lot of political integrity," said Harris, who in the past has supported McGinn.
Bloom said in an interview that Steinbrueck offers a consistent set of values and would give a voice to the neighborhoods, holding the line on what Bloom called "rampant development" in Ballard and other places.
"Peter is the kind of person who I think has a consistent set of values and will stick to those values," Bloom said. McGinn, he said, has been "all over the map." MORE...
Howie P.S.: Based on my photo size evaluator, Fairview Fannie won't be endorsing Steinbrueck.

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