Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shoutout to Listeners of KPTK AM1090! (Interview with Norman Goldman, Wed., 12-19, at 5:06 PM‏)

Carolyn Tamler (MoveOn Whidbey Council Coordinator):
I sent a personal email to each of the progressive talkers we hear on 1090 radio, and I got a very enthusiastic response back from Norman Goldman. He invited me to come on his show  today (Wed.) at 5:06, and he is planning to talk with me about possible options to be able to continue listening to our favorite hosts. In the meantime, here is something he sent to me which I encourage you to forward to your friends (and also invite them to sign our petition if they have not done so already): A special summary from Norm:
Sports is the hot topic these days and stations are flipping to sports like mad! Clear Channel and other companies are making deals based on dollar signs - they are consigning us to "niche markets" (that is what we "liberal talkers" are being called) and not caring about the audience we have. That is simply the cold, harsh reality. Plus, we have labeled ourselves "liberal talkers" and not just "news/talk" and we are thus considered a "niche market" while commercial radio is devolving into a few formats - "news/talk" apparently includes Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and the rest (plus the all news stations, with traffic and weather on the 8's and what not) plus sports, country, classic rock and Top 40. HOWEVER, YOU can take control of what you listen to - you are NO LONGER consigned to what the big commercial broadcasters put up there! Show your independence and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LISTENING!! I and the other hosts have been tied and COMPLETELY dependent upon these radio stations FOREVER. The good news is this is no longer true - the bad news is it requires some technology and monetary, plus time, investment to end run the radio stations. If you don't want to be tied to a computer, where Internet streaming is free at and want to hear the show live in your car, there are "kits" that can be installed inexpensively at auto audio places.....for example, go into a search engine (like Google) and type in internet radio car kit and watch what happens! Here is just an example: But there are others. New cars have Internet radio built in. Ford’s Sync system and most other manufacturers now have Internet radio pre-built directly into your new car via their new car technology. For older cars, the “kits” can be installed quickly and relatively inexpensively at these “Al & Ed’s Autosound” type of places. A podcast is also available for delayed listening. A podcast is simply an audio file transferred from one computer to another...and then dumped onto an iPod, mp3 player or other device. The good news is that YOU are now in control...the bad news is that, to exercise that control, you need to spend some time and perhaps money, to do it. Our podcasts are $5 a month at (or $50 for a full year, which is 2 months free) and the shows have all the clutter and commercials stripped out, so a show is a LOT LESS than 3 hours! Plus, our podcast subscription includes all the “Beyond The Norm” segments (one extra segment a day, not done on the air) and that means the entire archive of legal, consumer and other information we have done! All on your schedule to your convenience! AND, we stream the show live and free through Facebook – The Norman Goldman Show on Facebook! I also have a free smartphone app for you that lets you listen on your phone, live, free and anywhere. Plus, there is the iHeartRadio app and the TuneIn app. The bottom line is, for the future of our show and the others; we need to connect with you outside the gatekeeper status of the radio stations. They have forced us into this position. Sorry, and I wish I had more control of the situation!! I hope you can tune in today.

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