Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Al Franken for U.S. Senate"(video) (UPDATED)

UPDATE: John Nichols gives us his take, "For Paul's Seat:"
Just as Wellstone did when he launched his challenge to another Minnesota Republican senator in 199O, as an academic and activist who had never held elected office, Franken knows he must convince Minnesotans -- first within the DFL, where he will face a challenge from wealthy lawyer Mike Ciresi and perhaps others, and if he is nominated then in a fall contest with Coleman that will be one of the most intense in the country -- that he in a credible contender. Franken began by stating the obvious: that he is not a "typical politician."

"A Message from Al Franken (video)."
It's long (8:38) and not as entertaining as you might think. I was disappointed he left Eugene McCarthy off his list of "progessive Minnesotans."

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