Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Will Obama put on the makeup?"

Matt Stoller:
I watched the speech, and it was very good. I felt inspired. But there was no 'ask', nothing for anyone to do but cheer for Obama. I can't help but thinking that Obama needs to read Zack Exley's 'Will Obama put on the makeup?' An entire new crop of activists and organizers want to work to make Obama President, but until he trusts that he is part of a movement and not a top-down media candidate, he's not there yet.

That's my opinion, anyway. This is an open thread.

.... Here's more of what I like. Obama talked about personal responsibility and how the fate of our country has to do with each of us, and how all of us and our communities are going to have to make sacrifices to build a new politics and a new economy. That's real vision-stuff.
Howie opinion: So far, I would say the answer to the question Exley has posed is "no" and I can live with that. The comments on Stoller's post are worth reading.

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