Sunday, February 11, 2007

"Thanks for Joining us for the Meetup!"

Kelley Bevans ( reports on Saturday's Obama event:
Great meetup everybody!! It was fantastic to be able to see so many people (75-80) so fired up about Barack Obama's run for the Presidency. Thanks to all the organizers and speakers behind today's event at Piecora's.

We had a full agenda and didn't have time for group-wide introductions. So I thought we could do that here.

My name is Kelley Bevans. I live in Ballard, in Seattle's 36th legislative district (find your legislative district). I was introduced to politics in Washington state with the Howard Dean Campaign. I joined my Legislative District's Democratic Party organization and served on its Executive Board in 2005-7. I am an acting PCO (what's a PCO?) in my District.

I work as a project manager for ONE/Northwest, an environmental nonprofit technology capacity builder.

I administer this website, so if you have suggestions, comments, get in touch with me at,or login to the site and post your comments on the blog. I'm looking forward to getting suggestions and help from this community to spiffy up the website, get people to post their ideas, campaign news, and volunteer opportunities on the blog, and just generally make themselves at home on this website.
Howie P.S.: I am posting this here because they are asking for participation. Other supporters of other candidates are welcome to do the same and I will post it here.

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