Friday, February 23, 2007

"Barack Obama Rallies The Troops In Austin" (with video) with (video, 45:00):
AUSTIN Democratic U.S. Senator Barack Obama is in Austin, campaigning for the white house. The Illinois senator has been compared to John F. Kennedy and Tiger Woods.
Obama is on a three city tour, with Austin as his second stop. Friday, the presidential candidate addressed about 10,000 supporters at Auditorium Shores.

Obama is a rock star on the stage of presidential politics, appealing to excited fans from the twentysomethings to those much older.

“Barack Obama is so inspirational, he's so young and new,” said Marlana Salmon, an Obama supporter from Corpus Christi. “I've love him because he was against the war from the beginning. So, he's just a great, new feel for the government."

He's not the first African American to run for president, but his early bid for the White House has become a political phenomenon.

The lure of Obama-mania is contagiously sweeping the country and shaking up national politics wherever he goes.

Obama is a first term United States senator from Illinois. He was born to interracial parents. His mother is white and his father is black.

The last presidential hopeful to draw this many potential voters on Auditorium Shores was President Ronald Reagan 23 years ago.

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