Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"A request for Obama and HRC supporters"

adamterando (Diary on MyDD):
I am a John Edwards supporter. I've listened to all the candidates speak and have listened to multiple speeches by HRC and Obama. Obama supporters in particular (probably since there are more of them) have asked me to check out his policy positions and read his speeches on his website to find out where he stands on issues. I have done all that in the spirit of learning and so I can come to a reasonable judgement on who to support. So now I have a request for all HRC and Obama supporters. I would like you to give John Edwards a chance and to do it by listening to an interview he just did.

Click here to listen to John Edwards on WBUR's On Point. The interview lasts about 50 minutes and it's very good. I'd like to hear people's opinion on it and if they learned anything new by listening to it. I do feel that many Obama and HRC supporters formed opinions of Edwards in 2004 (as did I) and have never really given him another look since then. So, in the spirit of elevating discourse and getting to know all the Democrats (because one of our candidates is going to lose so many of us will have to support someone else anyway) I'd ask that you give this a listen.

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