Monday, December 13, 2010

Jane Hamsher, Howard Dean and Greg Sargent on Tax Cuts and 2012 (with video)

FiredoglakeTV, video (03:06).
Jane Hamsher says "Obama Primary Challenge Unlikely Though Tax Cut Deal Angered Left."
Howard Dean:
"I don't think he's going to face an opponent in the Democratic primary," Dean said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "I think that would be a bad thing for the country and I think that would be a bad thing for the Democratic Party." MORE...
Greg Sargent:
Democrats acknowledge the inevitable: The tax deal will pass. House Dems will be forced to swallow one last compromise before heading into the minority.
Could Dems end the year with some -- gasp -- victories? Andrew Sullivan posits that if Dems pass the tax deal containing a second stimulus and go on to repeal don't ask don't tell, Dems could close out with "a year-end triumph for the president and this party." MORE...

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