Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tom Harkin: "I just think it was bargained away too soon."

Brian Beutler (TPM):
Channeling Democrats' frustration with the current state of affairs, Harkin suggested that Obama cut a deal too quickly. "A good lawyer compromises on the court house steps, not back in the conference room," he said. "And we never got to the court house steps. We never got to the point where people really had to sit down and make a deal. I just think it was bargained away too soon."

And that's just the Senate, where the legislative package will face its first hurdle. A similar calculus exists in the House, where an unknown number of House Republicans are expected to defect. Democrats will have to more than make up the difference to win an up or down vote, and at this point it's unclear whether that's possible.

"It would be very difficult," said House Dem conference chairman John Larson this morning, to sell this plan to the Democratic caucus on his side of the Hill. MORE...
Howie P.S.: Things aren't looking that good for "the deal" in the House: "Over 100 House Dems oppose tax cut deal, changes now likely" (Chris Bowers-Daily Kos).

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