Friday, December 17, 2010

Seattle Department of Planning & Development: Trees are a 'Burden' (with video)

Michael Oxman (SaveSeattlesTrees), with (02:46):video
Consider sending 10 emails as your Christmas present to yourself. 1 email to each of the 9 city councilmembers, and 1 to the Mayor could be what it takes to get them to think that the long term health of our urban forest will be how their terms of service will be remembered by future generations. It might take some of the sting out of knowing that they definitely will be remembered for allowing the Ingraham High School forest to be logged on their watch.Here’s a reminder of the ‘plan’ to convince the Seattle City Council to implement a comprehensive tree policy.We need to issue a draft tree ordinance to counter the regressive DPD proposal that is currently on the table.

View this PREPOSTEROUS 2:46 second video taken at the rollout of the proposal on July 14th, 2010.
We were completely blindsided when the city proposed to eliminate all city tree ordinances.
The authority of different departments needs to be combined. The UF IDT Urban Forestry Interdisciplinary Task Force needs to be given tree czar power. Can it be shown that the new mayor is willing to buck the power of the department directors? Maybe we need to begin campaigning for the next election with our ‘environmental voter scorecard’?

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