Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Kucinich Slams Fox Debate Cancellation"

Marc Cooper (The Nation):
Under pressure from liberal bloggers, the Nevada Democratic Party has scrubbed a presidential candidates debate that was set for this coming August.
The bloggers were outraged that the Nevada Dems were partnering with the Fox News Channel who had been given the rights to broadcast the debate.

Count me among those who think the debate cancellation is a ridiculous ending to what was a ridiculous and counter-productive cause. Excuse me, but I thought liberals hated Fox precisely because it was NOT fair and balanced, because of the dearth of voices other than those from the Right.

So here was a chance to force-feed the conservative Fox audience a prime-time dose of Democratic campaigning; but now that's all been called off by --- Democrats!

You can read a more detailed accounting of my reasoning here.

Dennis Kucinich, now denied one of his few shots at a national audience, was the only Democratic candidate who spoke out against the cancellation.

"If you want to be the President of the United States, you can't be afraid to deal with people with whom you disagree politically," Kucinich said. "No one is further removed from Fox's political philosophy than I am, but fear should not dictate decisions that affect hundreds of millions of Americans and billions of others around the world who are starving for real leadership."

"I'm prepared to discuss the war, health care, trade, or any other issue anytime, anywhere, with any audience, answering any question from any media. And any candidate who won't shouldn't be President of the United States."

I couldn't agree more.
Howie P.S.: I don't. Initially I thought this was satire. But no, it's Kucinich.


America Speaks said...

Dennis Kucinich is the most courageous of the candidates because he always speaks the truth. He led the opposition to the war in Iraq. He's leading the opposition to war in Iran. Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, and Obama have all voted for the war funding either for the war and/or against the return of American troops from Iraq. DK led the opposition to USA PATRIOT. Obama, Edwards, Dodd, Clinton and Biden have all voted for the PATRIOT ACT and/or its renewal. Richardson supported both the war and USA PATRIOT. All the candidates but DK support a missile strike on Iran.

DK is the only candidate supporting single-payer, not-for-profit universal health care. The others all want to give profits to the insurance companies at the expense of the American people.

It is no surprise that the other candidates are running from the debates. They've got a lot to hide.

Howard Martin said...

Since you claim "supreme intelligence" i won't try and tell you that kucinich is less than you imagine.