Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tony Snow: "No Recollection of ever being asked about this" (UPDATED)

UPDATE II: "Click here to listen to CNN White House correspondent Ed Henry join Ed Schultz to discuss reaction from the White House on subpoenas for Karl Rove and others."

UPDATE: we be jamming's diary on Kos reminds me that it was Ed Henry of CNN who asked the question:
CNN's Ed Henry hit the nail on the head: if no conversations occurred with the president, and no advice was given, then how can the White House assert executive privilege, claiming the need to shield presidential advice?
MSNBC (with video 16:25):
At today's gaggle, Snow claimed (at 4:47) that Bush had "no recollection of being asked about this (the US attorney firings)."

Howie question: How then is Bush able to claim "executive priviledge" on this issue, if there was no communication with the executive?

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