Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Sen. Cantwell Joins Sen. Webb in Opposing Attack on Iran"

DWE, front-paged on Washblog:
Those of us who've been warning of an impending military strike on Iran sometimes feel like the proverbial voice crying in the wilderness. Many of us have wondered why Democrats in Washington D.C. haven't been raising their voices, even as the Bush administration hypes the rhetoric and builds its case for military action against Iran.

Led by Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, some Senate Democrats have finally realized the urgency of addressing head-on the Bush plans to bomb Iran. While I would have wanted even stronger wording from Sen. Webb, I applaud his move to send a letter to Bush that spells out that the President is not authorized to attack Iran. I also applaud Sen. Cantwell for signing on to this letter and urge our senior Senator to join her. Here is the letter,which is due to be sent out today or tomorrow.

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