Friday, September 11, 2009

"Mallahan Secures Broad-based Support For Campaign To Be Seattle’s Next Mayor" (Updated, with video)

UPDATE: Here's "Police & Firefighters Endorse Joe Mallahan for Mayor of Seattle," video (02:02).

Joe Mallahan for Seattle:
Thursday, the morning of the first candidate debate in the general election for Seattle Mayor, Joe Mallahan announced an impressive list of endorsements supporting his candidacy. Since the primary election, Mallahan has been shoring up broad-based support for his campaign to be Seattle’s next mayor so we can keep Seattle moving forward.

“I am proud of the many endorsements I have received from business leaders, organized labor, social justice advocates, public safety officers, elected officials, regional stakeholders and a wide variety of community members who share my desire to keep Seattle moving forward,” Mallahan said. “Seattle is a great city and, working together, we can make Seattle’s future even better.”

“I think the broad-based support for my campaign is an indication of my track record of being an effective leader who brings diverse groups of people together to fix complex problems, and then makes the tough decisions to get things done,” Mallahan continued.

“My progressive values and strong leadership experience will help us keep Seattle moving forward on smart and effective transportation solutions, preserving our quality of life, creating new jobs and growing our economy, and being a good steward of our tax dollars so we can do a better job of protecting the Puget Sound and remain committed to our collective progressive values ,” he said.

“I am honored by their support and look forward to working with them to keep Seattle moving forward,” Mallahan added.

In addition to the endorsements listed below, Mallahan is the only candidate for Seattle mayor who received an “outstanding” rating from the King County Municipal League and got straight As from SEAMEC on gay and lesbian issues. Mallahan expects to secure additional endorsements from people who want effective leadership and a partner in the regional effort to keep Seattle moving forward.

To date, Mallahan’s endorsements include, but are not limited to:
Rep Judy Clibborn, Chair of House Transportation Committee

Rep. Marko Liias, Vice Chair of House Transportation Committee

Gene Hoglund, Alaska Way Viaduct Advisory Committee

Dan O’Neal, former Chair and Board Member of the Washington Transportation Commission

Patrick D’Amelio, CEO of Alliance for Education

Jon Runstad, former President of UW Board of Regents, director of University of Washington Foundation

Peter Masundire, Director at Board for Global Ministries

Rachel Shierling, Real Change

John Littel, Vice Chair, Seattle Housing Authority

Judy Runstad, co-chair of Governor Gregoire’s Washington Global Competitiveness Council

Jon Shirley, former president of Microsoft

Tina Podlodowski, Exec Director of Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Bernie Matsuno, former Acting Director of Department of Neighborhoods

Port Commissioner John Creighton

Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton

Port Commissioner Bill Bryant

Jordan Royer, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association

Laurel Andrews, economist at City of Seattle

Beth Miller, Executive Director Ballard Chamber of Commerce

Kara Ceriello, Executive Director Wallingford Chamber of Commerce

Mike Ducey, President of WG Clark

Jim Blackmore, General Steamship Agencies

Fred Kiga, Vice President State and Local Government Relations, Boeing

Bob Donegan, President, Ivar’s Inc

Tayloe Washburn, Foster Pepper PLLC

John Stanton, Executive, Trilogy Partners

Suzie Burke, Fremont Dock Company

Mike Slade, Microsoft, Starwave, 2nd Ave Partners

Gretchen Sorenson, Board Member Comprehensive Biosciences Strategy Task Force

Rep. Sharon Nelson

Rep. Dave Upthegrove, Chair of House Ecology and Parks

Senator Ken Jacobsen, Chair of Senate Natural Resources, Oceans and Recreation Committee

Ken Bounds, former Director of Seattle Parks Department

Rita Brogan, CEO of PRR

Bob Santos, former Executive Director of Inter*m

John Littel, Political Director of Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters

Eric Franklin, Communications Director of Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters

Carpenters Local 1144

Council 2 Washington State Council of County and City Employees

Seattle Police Officers’ Guild

Seattle Firefighters Local 27

Former Governor John Spellman

John Engber, former State Director for US Senator Patty Murray

Tim Flynn, Director of Intergovernmental Relations, King County

James Donaldson

Norman Sigler

Wes Uhlman, former Mayor of Seattle

Tom Byers, former Deputy Mayor to Paul Schell, special assistant former Mayor Charley Royer

Carol Byers, former Deputy Mayor to Mayor Charley Royer

Former State Representative Dawn Mason

Linda Mitchell, National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington

Tracy Newman

Senator Margarita Prentice

Rep. Ross Hunter

Dean Nielsen, Regional Director, Progressive Majority

Beth Grieser, 34th District Democrats

Dean Willard, King County Democrats

Jason Bennett, chair of 36th District Democrats

Michael Maddux, 43rd District Democrats

Tom Karwaki, 37th District Democrats

Chris Maryatt, 43rd District Democrats

Rob Dolin, 43rd District Democrats

Justin Simmons, Chair of Metropolitan Democratic Club

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