Saturday, July 24, 2010

Amy Goodman and Ari Melber From NN10 (with video)

"Amy Goodman on CNN from Las Vegas, Nevada," video (06:23).

Ari Melber--"Discharged Gay Veteran Confronts Reid at Blogger Summit":
“I wish things were as bad for progressives as progressives think they are.”

That was one epiphany for Phillip Klein, a conservative writer for the American Spectator, after palling around with liberal bloggers for several days at the fifth annual Netroots Nation in Las Vegas this weekend. Klein was marveling at the melancholy suffusing the conference, given the Obama administration’s undeniable legislative accomplishments to date. The health care bill “alone,” he said, “is more than any liberal has passed since LBJ.”

Now Klein could just be, in web parlance, concern-trolling for his political opponents. But his view coincides neatly with several of the political heavyweights who spoke at keynote sessions of the conference, when most of the 2,100 attendees gathered in a cavernous Vegas ballroom flanked by dark curtains studded with glow-in-the-dark stars. The flashy digs hosted Democratic Congressional leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and liberal heavyweights like Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, Van Jones, Richard Trumka, Majora Carter and Markos Moulitsas, who founded the blog that first spawned the conference. MORE...

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