Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Pete Seeger Debuts New BP Protest Song" (with video)

RollingStone, with video with video (06:28):
Pete Seeger may be 91 years old, but the iconic folk singer still has plenty to protest. On Friday night at New York's City Winery, Seeger debuted a new song he wrote about the disastrous BP oil spill as part of a fundraising concert for the Gulf Restoration Network and Global Green USA . "It's a strange, strange song," said Seeger about the new tune, which featured a simple finger-picked chord progression and gravelly ominous lyrics like, "When the drill baby drill turns to spill baby spill/God's counting on me/God's counting on you." Check out video of "God's Counting on Me, God's Counting on You" above. MORE...
Howie P.S.: H/t to Linda Lax Jacobs. Before the blogosphere, there was the folk music protest "movement" and Pete Seeger was its Godfather.

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