Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Stranger/Slog REALLY, REALLY Likes Joe Fitzgibbon

JOE FITZGIBBON JOE FITZGIBBON JOE FITZGIBBON: Tonight presents another opportunity to toast the dreamy 34th District challenger (he's even hotter with whiskey breath). Go see him, maybe even listen to what he's saying, but definitely see him. (Moe Bar, 925 E Pike Street, (Thursday) 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., 21+)


Spend a quiet evening at home recovering from this, IF YOU CAN:


And here's The Stranger's wonkier version:

Two words about this election: Joe Fitzgibbon.

Joe Fitzgibbon is running for 34th District Representative. So if you live in his West Seattle district, vote for him. If you don't live in his district, move there, vote for him, and join the Stranger Election Control Board (SECB) in stalking him.


AND their MOST wonkier version:
State Representative, Position 2
Joe Fitzgibbon

There is no hotter race in Seattle this summer than the race to be the next state representative from West Seattle, and there is no hotter candidate in that race than Joe Fitzgibbon. That's right, we're not ashamed to say it. Because it is, inarguably, a TRUE FACT. Just look at his action shots. (What's the difference between acne and a Catholic priest? Acne comes on a boy's face after he turns 12.)

Howie P.S.: I'm voting for Marcee Stone. Check out her endorsements on the "About Marcee" button. My pal Kirk Prindle likes Mike Heavey (cool website). Go figure. If Joe wins, The Stranger/SLOG gets another notch on their political gunbelt. Oh, and PubliCola endorsed Joe, 2.

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