Friday, July 16, 2010

"Rebecca Traister & Hendrik Hertzberg: Pain & Politics" (GRITtv-video)

GRITtv, video:
Every day, the story changes. Sarah Palin's the leader of the Republican party--except that she can't raise money. Eliot Spitzer is a disgrace (but has a TV show), and David Vitter can run for reelection on a "family values" platform. The NAACP wants the Tea Party movement to declare itself not racist, and suddenly the NAACP is racist. And we can't even get started on the BP disaster--mostly because BP won't let reporters near the scene of the crime.

Who can make any sense out of all this? Thankfully, we have expert political observers Rebecca Traister of and Hendrik Hertzberg of The New Yorker join us in studio to try.
Howie P.S.: Here's Hertzberg's latest New Yorker oeuvre: "Tea Party Poop." Hertzberg and I hung out a little bit, on and off, back in the 20th Century.

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