Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sensible Washington: "15,000 cannabis arrests every year . . .‏"

Sensible Washington:
Have you heard the numbers? Over 15,000 people a year are arrested in Washington for cannabis.

Despite what some opponents say, the government continues to wage a “war” on this therapeutic herb and the people who use it. Many of these people are doctors, lawyers, school teachers and other hard-working citizens who can lose their homes, their ability to work, even their children.

Click here to help stop 15,000 marijuana arrests in 2011!

We must end prohibition now! 1 more marijuana arrest is intolerable, let alone 15,000. The human tragedy of these laws is immense, but we can change them together. Please donate at our web site to help build our campaign for next year’s initiative to legalize cannabis in Washington. We simply can’t allow another 15,000 people to have their lives hurt by prohibition. The time is now.

On another note, our 2011 legalization campaign continues to garner support and attention locally and across the nation.

Just this weekend we were endorsed by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)! We are honored and thankful to receive the early support of America’s leading reform organization.

Soon we’ll be ready to begin utilizing our immense grass-roots network to launch the next phase of our outreach campaign. Stay tuned and thank you again for your dedication to this cause!

Ezra Eickmeyer
Interim Campaign Coordinator
Sensible Washington

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