Friday, September 10, 2010

"Why Millions March in France, But Not in the US"

Rick Wolff:
There is a basic lesson in all this for the US left. It concerns why millions march there but not (yet?) here. The failure to develop, support, and widely disseminate anti-capitalist criticism and proposals for non-capitalist alternatives undermines the capacity for mass mobilizations to protect and advance working people's interests, especially in times of crisis. Even to make a political difference on so limited an issue as changing the age of retirement, effective mobilization of workers requires that they understand that issue in a much broader framework. Workers who see themselves in a broad social struggle for justice and for basic social change toward a better society can also then grasp and act on a particular issue with a sense of its historic meaning and implications. MORE...
Howie P.S.: What he's talking about is referred to as "the broader story line" or "narrative" in contemporary political jargon although he is proposing a specific theme..


Derek Birnie said...

"class consciousness" is another way of thinking about it.

Howard Martin said...

good point!