Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Polls, Cenk on "Class Warfare," Taxes, Tea Party, Elizabeth Warren, etc.

"Democrats Should Want This Tax Cut Debate" (Democracy Corps, Carville-Greenberg):
This will be a tough election, but fortunately, the unfolding tax issue can work strongly to help Democrats and define the choice in the election. This is a case where Democrats are strongly aligned with public thinking and priorities. Only 38 percent favor extending the Bush tax cuts for those over $250,000 – the official position of Republican leaders and candidates. Clearly messaging around this choice – with Democrats voting for middle class tax cuts, while starting to address the deficit and protecting Social Security, contrasted with Republican candidates who still believe trickle down economics and worsen the deficit. MORE...
"How the Rich Conduct Class Warfare" (Cenk Uygur):
I'll even give you the classic line -- some of my best friends are rich. So, this isn't about some ridiculous stereotypes or populist demagoguery. This is about stone cold facts.

Some of the wealthiest people in this country have been systematically trying to reduce their own taxes and make sure their companies are not regulated by the government. This makes sense. They want to make more money. But in the process, they have bought our politicians, corrupted our system and ultimately given us enormous income inequality.

This income inequality doesn't seem just, but that isn't my main issue. The real problem is the results of that inequality. It leads to speculative bubbles, crashes, recessions and depressions. It leads to the middle class losing their pensions, having stagnant wages for the last thirty years and lacking opportunity to move up the chain. It kills our economy and ultimately it kills the American Dream. MORE...
NY Times-Caucus:
Close to half of Republican voters, 48 percent, say they have a favorable opinion of the movement, while nearly all the rest say they have no opinion of it yet. Among independent voters –- a group that will be critical for the Tea Party’s success in November –- more have a negative view of the movement than a positive one (18 percent favorable, 30 percent unfavorable), but most have no opinion.
Obama to "Name Elizabeth Warren to Form New Consumer Agency" (ABC News-Jake Tapper):
President Obama will announce this week that Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law School professor who first proposed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will be named to a special position reporting to both him and to the Treasury Department and tasked with heading the effort to get the new federal agency standing, a knowledgeable Democrat told ABC News. MORE...

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