Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Condi, Part 2 (UPDATED)

C-Span is covering the Senate debate today, starting at 6:45 AM, here. Scroll down on the Crooks and Liars site and watch "Boxer/Condi SNL skit!" from "Saturday Night Live." The P-I has this from today's New York Times: "'Honeymoon over,' Senate Democrats say." They just pushed the Condi debate until 7:45. Update: If you need any motivation to oppose the Gonzales nomination, Lisa Rein's site has plenty, in various media formats. It's 8:48 and Teddy Kennedy is ripping Condi a new one on C-SPAN. Go down to the "Live Feeds" button and pick your player for C-SPAN 2. 8:52, Mark Dayton (D-MN) is up now: "The lying must stop now." 9:02, it's Carl Levin's turn. Updated: 9:22, noted MODERATE Democrat Evan Bayh is up, announcing his opposition to Condi. Patty and Maria, can you hear him now?? 9:54, they are re-running Condi's testimony last week, while the Senate is in recess until 11:30 Pacific time. 12:11, Senator Byrd is having at it. Update: Senator Byrd is having at it. From Moveon.org: "Senate Democrats have signaled their willingness to hold her accountable for these mistakes -- they've delayed her confirmation by a week for more intense questioning. And senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry have already announced that they're voting against her confirmation. Please call your senators, listed below, and urge them to join Boxer and Kerry in opposing Dr. Rice's confirmation.
Senator Patty Murray: 202-224-2621 and Senator Maria Cantwell: 202-224-3441.
After you make your call, please click here, to let us know you called." Update: 12:51 PM, Barbara Boxer is up now. 3:07 PM, Jack Reed of Rhode Island just wrapped up his comments in opposition to Condi.

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