Sunday, January 30, 2005

''There They Go Again''

As noted below, the Executive Committee of the Association of State Democratic Chairs endorsed Donnie Fowler by a vote of 8 to 6. The TIME story (posted below) pitched this as a "snag" in Dean's campaign for the DNC Chair. The AP story calls it a "detour." Mr. Adam Nagourney, who is employed by the New York Times, elevates this vote to "Dean Rival Gains Strength in Bid for Chairman." They have a nice photo of Donnie, as well. This post on MyDD drills deeper into this vote and turns up this factoid: Paul Berendt is a Vice-President of this group and "publically endorsed Howard Dean 2 weeks ago, just before the State Chair election in Washington. Berendt was able to overcome Greg Rodriquez precisely because he backed Dean. I just made a few calls to Washington St., and talked with someone close to Berendt, whom told me that "yes, he's sticking to Dean". There are lots of comments and more blogger blather with these posts as well.

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