Friday, January 28, 2005


"Until last week, I thought the party's official spokesmen were Al Franken and Jon Stewart. (It was nice to see that John Kerry was still alive and back from wherever he was while the man he almost defeated was busy declaring war on the New Deal and the rest of the world.) This is not the old days, when there was a draft and war was more personal than reality television, and when wars were paid for by supplemental taxes rather than deferred debt. Should we not talk about those things? Torture, for instance. Would that be unpatriotic? Or, dare I say it, impolite? That's really the charge against Boxer, representing a military-heavy state providing more than a quarter of the war's cannon fodder: that she was not nice to the impressive Doctor Rice, our Condi of the many degrees, to say nothing of piano-playing, ice-skating and speaking Russian. "Bad form," as Karl Rove, the president's political sidekick, said the other day to a network reporter who had the temerity to ask about battle casualties. Bad manners.-"from Richard Reeves' op-ed Friday night.

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