Thursday, January 27, 2005

''From the Office of Senator Cantwell'' (UPDATED)

"Thank you for previously contacting me regarding the nomination of Justice Alberto Gonzales to the position of Attorney General of the United States. After carefully listening to Judge Gonzales during his Senate confirmation hearings and reading his responses to questions, I have decided to oppose his confirmation."-from the email I received this morning and here's the official announcement Update: Maria's announcement is attracting national media attention. Ed Schultz just said she will be a live guest on his show today, sometime before 3PM, Pacific Time. It's on AM 1090, the local Air America outlet, now. You can listen online here. Update: The only notice of Cantwell's vote that Google finds for me is in The Olympian,"Cantwell to vote against Gonzales nomination." I don't know why there isn't more buzz on this in the local press. Do you? Update: Once again, a faithful reader shows me the error of my ways. Here's a Cantwell Gonzales story, in the P-I, online: "Cantwell to vote against confirmation of Gonzales."

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