Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Condi Vote: 13 Say "NO" (UPDATED)

Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, Carl Levin, Robert Byrd, John Kerry, Jim Jeffords, Jack Reed, Dick Durbin, Mark Dayton, Daniel Akaka, Evan Bayh, Frank Lautenberg, Tom Harkin. This is the most "no" votes since Henry Kissinger. He received 7. Update: John Nichols does his usual good job in, "Boxer Rebellion Spreads," from The Online Beat, on "Give Barbara Boxer credit for sparking the most engaged debate that the Senate has yet seen over the Bush Administration lies that led the United States into the quagmire that is Iraq." Update: "the highest number of votes against a secretary of state nominee since Henry Clay took the office in 1825, under President John Quincy Adams."-from this story in the P-I, via wire services.

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