Monday, January 31, 2005

''Dean Wins Backing of State Democratic Chairs'' (UPDATED)

"Rival Wellington Webb, former mayor of Denver, dropped out of the chairman's race after the endorsement and also backed Dean. Webb's aide Cindy Brovski said, "Mathematically, it looks like Dean is going to win on the first ballot."- from the AP story in the Washington Post, so it must be true. Update: Ron Brownstein in the LA Times accounts for Dean's success begrudingly: "Some senior Democratic operatives say unease about a Dean chairmanship is widespread among congressional leaders and many governors. But almost none of those grumbling privately have expressed their concerns publicly — in part, some believe, because they fear crossing the ardent grass-roots, Internet-activist community still backing Dean." They don't want him but are afraid of his disciples. See, they are still the wusses we have been saying they are. The story was written before Dean won the party chair endorsement later in the day.

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