Saturday, January 08, 2005

''Dean, DNC chair candidates stump in South'' (UPDATED)

This is all over the place. "You want to know my Southern strategy, show up," said Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor who dropped out of the presidential race during last year's Democratic primaries."-from the AP story. Update: More chit chat from the blogging class: "Investing "Party Capital" and a Poll," from Kos. MyDD has this report from ground zero at this weekend's DNC meeting, "Fowler, Rosenberg, Roemer and Dean most visible, Fowler addresses African-Americans." From the commentary: "First, Dean is electric and on fire and I think he knows it. He received applause repeatedly from the crowd for his remarks which were, I must admit, quick-witted, intelligent, and crafted perfectly for his audience. I'm still not a supporter of Dean for Chair, but his ideas are at LEAST among the best in the field. Every time I see him, I feel better about him playing a role in our party."

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thruthteller said...

The winner of Saturday was Fowler. Here are the comments from those same posts (not my comments, just the paragraphs that follow the one you included on Dean) :

"Fowler connected with the room better than did either Roemer or Rosenberg, certainly a testament to his Southern background. His metaphors were accurate and relevant to the audience, and he offered solid solutions to a number of problems facing the DNC. He stressed his 50-state strategy and his desire to back up words with actions, but he impressed me the most when he spoke of re-establishing the Democratic Party's relationship with black voters."


“The biggest gainer of the weekend, by far, is Donnie Fowler. His admirers around here seem to rival Dean's and, immediately following the debate, delegates and guests flocked to him to take pictures and ask questions. I've heard a few question his on-screen presence and fundraising prowess, but his committment to grassroots actions and his history as a field worker have sent shockwaves through this field. The people here absolutely love Donnie Fowler.”