Tuesday, June 12, 2007


White House Press Secretary Tony Snow:
Just one work day after suspending debate (for now) on the pressing and important business of immigration reform, Democratic leaders decided to pull a trick from the playbook of parliamentary democracies, where no-confidence votes can reduce governing coalitions to rubble.

This kind of maneuver is oddly out of place in our system. The Senate confirmed the attorney general for his job, and he rightly serves at the pleasure of the president. The attorney general has withstood intense scrutiny (1) — numerous hearings, the inspection of thousands of pages of documents, and public and private questioning of a wide variety of Justice Department employees.

Gonzales doesn't deserve this. (2) He is a man of great dedication (3) and integrity. (4) He has earned the president's trust, and the nation's (5), as the leader of the largest law-enforcement agency on earth at a time of chilling and constantly changing global peril.
Howie P.S.: Misstatements are numbered and bolded for reader convenience.

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