Thursday, September 09, 2010

"Dean, Dingell, others rally campus crowd to turn out for Dems in midterm"

The Michigan Daily:
Dean, a past Democratic National Committee chairman and former Vermont governor, said Obama stands for the values that many college students believe in — equal rights and opportunities — and added that if Republicans assume majority control in Congress, America will be “starkly different” and regress to days of intolerance.

“I remember what it was like to see the dogs loosed on people, who simply were crossing over into a different colored neighborhood to vote,” Dean said. “I remember what it was like to see the police turning fire hoses on peaceful demonstrators. We are not going back.”

Dean said if Democrats truly want change, they must work not only toward getting their candidates elected but also to inspire Democratic sentiment throughout the nation and to work tirelessly to make their desires heard.

“So many Americans think all we have to do is vote and get our guy in, or our women in, and then they’re going to do the work and we’re going to go back to whatever we were doing before,” Dean said. “It doesn’t work like that. If you want your country to work, you have to work every single day.”

Although voters will not be electing the next U.S. president, Dean said the upcoming elections are just as pivotal, because President Obama will need in November's elections Congressional support to continue to accomplish policy initiatives.

“Barack Obama is not on the ballot this time, but he is in many ways,” Dean said. “He can’t get anything done, unless you send these guys back to Congress.” MORE...

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