Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Greg Sargent's "Happy Hour Roundup" and "David Plouffe Campaign Update: Sept 7, 2010" (with video)

BarackObamadotcom, video (03:42):
David Plouffe recorded a campaign update at OFA HQ to illustrate what supporters helped build -- and to show why we think the pundits are missing a key part of the story of 2010.
Howie P.S.: Plouffe's pep talk goes well with Greg Sargent's "Happy Hour Roundup." It contains some hopeful news for the Democrats and I'm including the last item concerning Rahmbo is this category:
* The White House pushback continues as Rahm Emanuel claims President Obama's new infrastructure spending and business tax break proposals will enable him to "seize the economic initiative."

* And: Robert Gibbs responds to all the bleak polling by acknowledging voter concern about the economy but asserting that "by virtually any measure our economy is in a better place than it was two years ago.".

* Gallup counters the conventional wisdom, finding the two parties are tied in the generic Congressional matchup after Republicans had been leading. Wonder if this will get lots of attention, too...

* And the DCCC pushes back, releasing a raft of internal polls showing Dems ahead in some very difficult races.

* Nate Silver skewers the myth that Dem candidates are uniformly running away from health care reform, though the picture is complex.

* Ben Smith says Richard Daley's decision not to seek re-election as Chicago mayor gives Rahm an exit strategy and a chance at redemption after a midterm wipeout.

* And it looks like Emanuel is really considering it.

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