Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Ask Police Chief John Diaz" (audio)

KUOW, audio (53:38):
What use of force is acceptable by Seattle police? The shooting of John T. Williams and several other publicized incidents have brought this question to center stage. Today, Seattle Police Chief John Diaz is here to talk about it. Are Seattle police using more force now than they were before? What is the reality of what police are facing on the streets? How is that different from what the public perceives? Do strict rules tie the hands of police? What sort of use of force training are Seattle Police given? Is it enough?
Howie P.S.: I wish Steve had followed up on the mention of the existence of a budget fund to pay off legal claims with a query as to the dollars and cents that have been budgeted. In general, I also wish Steve was little more probing, but that isn't his style, is it?

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