Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Obama Quiet As Union Protests Grow In Swing States" (with audio)

UPDATE: "Sparring Unions Now Working as One" (Wall Street Journal):
Leaders of major public and private sector unions have agreed to set aside longstanding divisions and turf battles and coordinate in a campaign to counter challenges to their political and contract-bargaining power in a growing number of states.

The plan requires each union to commit a certain amount of money to fund a $30 million campaign. Funds will be dedicated to paid media, lobbying, work-site leaflets, and a range of other campaign items, including opposition research into groups that unions believe could be funding state efforts to restrict union rights, such as the Koch Brothers, and the Scaife and Walton Foundations. MORE...
President Obama greets supporters after giving closing remarks Tuesday at a small business forum at Cleveland State University. Obama has only weighed in once on the union protests in Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.

NPR with audio (03:58):
Union organizers are ramping up their efforts in state capitals across the country, emphasizing that what began in Madison could have national consequences. Although there are real stakes for Washington, President Obama's team is working to keep the focus on the statehouse, not the White House. MORE...
Howie P.S.: The Daily Beast says "16 States Going to War on Unions." Can you guess what state is #10 on their list? A little hint:
On Saturday, February 26, at noon local time, we are organizing rallies in front of every statehouse and in every major city to stand in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin. Go here to see where the "RALLY TO SAVE THE AMERICAN DREAM" is planned in your state.

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