Friday, February 11, 2011

"The fierce urgency of David Plouffe"

Glenn Thrush (Politico):
The arrival of the political operative — who famously devised Obama’s winning strategy of snagging delegates in caucus states spurned by Hillary Clinton’s campaign — comes at a time when Obama needs to portray himself as an upbeat centrist committed to governing. It will be a different challenge for Plouffe, who drove the Obama message in 2008 — and drove the candidate to raise his energy level and focus.

“You can’t be perceived as being too political. There’s too much going on in the world,” says an Obama insider, adding: “I think David’s smart enough to know that.”

Technically, Plouffe replaces Axelrod, taking over his management of the speechwriting and a now-unified press and communications team, Obama’s messaging unit. But his impact goes beyond that. He has already helped reinstitute some of the trademark shorter-leash, longer-attention-span management style of the 2008 campaign. And so far, he seems to be deeply in sync with Daley, a no-nonsense former bank executive who prefers clipped, decisive exchanges with subordinates. MORE...
Howie P.S.: Anybody got any brilliant (or strongly held) opinions about this?

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