Thursday, February 10, 2011

NPR: Howard Dean discusses "Moderate Democrats Concerned For Party's Future" (with audio/text)

NPR with text and audio (33:13).
After providing a voice to moderate Democrats for more than 25 years, the Democratic Leadership Council is closing. Former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean addresses fears that the loss of the D.L.C. could be a blow to moderates in the Democratic Party. MORE...
Howie P.S.: Here's a tidbit from Dean:
...what I think a moderate Democrat is, is somebody who understands that capitalism, in order for capitalism to work, there has to be regulation.

Capitalism, we save capitalism from itself by having reasonable regulations. But it's definitely true, if you go too far with the regulations, then the whole system grinds to a halt because, in fact, it's people in private enterprise that create jobs. That's true. And if that's what a moderate Democrat is, I don't think we have any interest in driving them out.

I think what you all in the media - talk about people like Ben Nelson as moderate Democrats. If you vote with the Republicans 65 percent of the time, I don't think that qualifies you as a moderate Democrat.

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