Sunday, February 13, 2011

"SNL’s Mubarak Thanks The U.S. For Propping Up His Government For 30 Years"

SNL's Weekend Update, video (04:42) via MEDIAite: :
Hosni Mubarak suddenly has a lot more time on his hands, after resigning on Friday to the delight of the Egyptian people. He returned to “Weekend Update” this weekend to talk with Seth Meyers about his feelings. Mubarak assured Meyers that everyone was sad to see him go, and he was heartbroken to leave his office with nothing but “70 billion dollars of the Egyptian people’s” money to comfort him.

Mubarak had some upsetting parting thoughts: in his grateful farewell message to America he noted “I could never have done it without your money, your support and your tear gas.” Goooood work, everybody!

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