Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Ed Schultz Demands Rush Limbaugh “Wrap [His] Fat Ass In The Flag” Over WI Protests" (with video)

Frances Martel (MEDIAite) with video (03:51) from MSNBC-ED Show:
Sometimes, watching Ed Schultz in front of a crowd shouting about politics, one can’t help wonder if he is the reincarnated spirit of some controversial figure of the French Revolution. Schultz has been having a field day with the Wisconsin union protests, reporting live on the scene as a mass of hundreds behind him approve of every word he says. The more vulgar, the louder the crowd– Schultz’s most popular being a demand to Rush Limbaugh to go “wrap your fat ass in the flag.”

That demand came about in response to several claims from Limbaugh against the protesters– calling the union members “freeloaders” and questioning their patriotism. Schultz went through one of his trademark angry tirades against Limbaugh, bringing up his past drug use and ultimately calling for him to “wrap your fat ass in the flag.” Before arriving at that substantive conclusion, however, he thanked the firefighters who worked on the response to the September 11th attacks before accusing Limbaugh of calling them specifically freeloaders (for which Limbaugh received some boos from the crowd). He also played some call-and-response with the crowd, asking if they were freeloaders. MORE...

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