Saturday, February 19, 2011

(Seattle) Birk protest, part 2: "A little pepper spray, a broken window" (with photo gallery/video)

Seattle's "superhero" Phoenix Jones argues with protesters to not face off with a line of police officers. "Its just stupid," he said as he successfully encouraged them to change direction.
Marchers took to the streets of downtown Seattle on Friday evening for the second time in a week to protest the decision not to file criminal charges against former Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk, who fatally shot woodcarver John T. Williams last August.

The protest march began about 7 p.m. with about a dozen participants, who were easily outnumbered by police at the scene. After that, the size of the march fluctuated between a few dozen and perhaps 150 participants as it meandered through downtown streets. The march continued until about 10:30 p.m., but as in Wednesday night’s original protest, it appeared to lack solid organization or an actual destination, fracturing at times into separate groups heading off in different directions.

At one point, police drew a hard line against the protesters, moving them out of the street forcefully with mounted and bicycle units after someone smashed out the rear window of a police cruiser. At another point, police used pepper spray on protesters who broke through their lines.

The march came to an end after police, dressed in riot gear, set up a line outside the East Precinct. They were briefly pelted with plastic bottles, but the marchers soon dispersed.
Howie P.S.: Here's video (03:18)from KING5 News. Here's a photo gallery from the events on Friday night. The story in Seattle's other daily newspaper concluded with this:
There were protests both at Seattle City Hall and in the streets after Satterberg's announcement, but Friday night's protest seemed angrier.

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