Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ari Melber: "Report: On Debt, Democrats Rebel Against Compromiser-in-Chief"

Ari Melber (The Nation):
Presidents always have some tension with the parties that they lead, but Drew's sources suggest a White House political strategy that is now fundamentally at odds with congressional Democrats.
The key allegation in Drew's article is that Obama is not only giving too much away (e.g. needlessly undercutting spending, stimulus, seniors or Medicare), but that he is doing so to politically save only himself.
Obama has made Republicans "look bad," Drew concludes, but he is not actually getting much for it. I'd go even further. By fully caving on this stand-off, where the White House is backed by the general public and large swaths of the GOP (the financial community and the well-informed), Obama would not only fail to impress independent voters, he'd ensure a drubbing on a series of future fights, large and small, with his unreasonable opponents.

Some politics really is like parenting. You don't reward tantrums. MORE...

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