Friday, July 29, 2011

Politico on Top 10 Gov. races--"Who won July: Inslee"

David Cantanese (Politico):
1. Washington

In a little less than a month, state Attorney General Robert McKenna raised about $667,920 for his title card match-up against Rep. Jay Inslee. But the eight-term congressman is on the verge of transferring more than $1 million from his House account – a move McKenna’s team has claimed is “illegal.”

The last time Washington Republicans raised such alarm, they were even derided by some conservatives.

The issue was a tracker’s attendance at a King County Young Republicans meeting where McKenna was speaking. The members called 911 multiple times for the “emergency” of what’s become the common campaign tactic of tracking -- and McKenna looked petty by refusing to continue his remarks.

Democrats have since plastered the the video and audio online in hopes that the complaint boomerangs and portrays the GOP as jittery and overreactive.

It might've already worked.

Who won July: Inslee

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