Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama Weekly Address: ‘I’m Willing To Compromise,’ I Expect Same Of Congress (video)

MEDIAite with video from CNN (03:54):
President Obama unsurprisingly devoted his weekly video address to the subject of the deficit negotiations and expressed some disappointment that a bi-partisan deal has yet to be reached. If former presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were able to work with leadership in the opposing political party to reach compromise, Obama remains optimistic that now should be no different. MORE...
Howie P.S.: More from Jim Kuhhenn (HuffPo), "Obama Takes Debt Ceiling Case To The American People, Congress Seeks Bipartisan Plan":
Racing the debt clock, Congress is working on dual tracks while President Barack Obama appeals to the public in hopes of influencing a deal that talks have failed to produce so far.

"We have to ask everyone to play their part because we are all part of the same country," Obama said Saturday, pushing a combination of spending cuts and tax increases that has met stiff resistance from Republicans. "We are all in this together." MORE...

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