Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dennis in Seattle: "Kucinich in His Own Words" (with video)

Goldy (SLOG), with video (20:58):

If you're interested, here's a video of Rep. Dennis Kucinich's speech at the NWroots conference on Saturday. In truth, it's not really all that radical. In fact, his call for a "second New Deal" actually makes a lot of sense.

I can't vouch for all the numbers Kucinich uses, but the amount of basic US infrastructure in need of repair or replacement is just stunning. Our highways and bridges are obvious, but much of our nation's drinking water and sewage infrastructure is over 70 years old, not mention our many deteriorating schools. Think about it. High unemployment, particularly in construction, and all this infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt.

Tax cuts for the wealthy, or rebuilding America's public infrastructure? Which do you think would get more people back to work, while providing more lasting benefits?

Howie P.S.: If Dennis is going to heed my call to run for mayor, he will have to drop all the "world" stuff from his stump speech.

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