Friday, March 11, 2005

87 Citizen Groups Say ''Verify E-Voting''

From The Lone Star Iconoclast, in Crawford, Texas. Nobody else seems to want to report this: "A coalition of more than 87 citizen groups nationwide have united to address the problems created by secret vote-counting inside the newer electronic voting machines. Under the banner of the Velvet Revolution, mainstream and activist groups have organized to demand re-institution of vote-counting procedures so that all American citizens can verify with certainty that democracy is indeed working accurately. Congressman John Conyers (D), minority chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has endorsed the campaign with a strong letter to nine vote machine companies, telling them that if they fail to implement the requested steps, he will urge members of Congress to pass legislation to deny them funding under the Help America Vote Act." Personally, I would rather get of of e-voting completely, instead of trying to make these outlaws law-abiding.

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