Friday, March 04, 2005

''Lies! All Lies!--Heroes & Villains''

When I see the word lie in any form regarding the Rovians, I am compelled to post: "We Cornellians were also proud to have HEROIC Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean grace us with his presence last week. But it didn't take long for the VILLAINOUS Right-Wing Conspiracy to follow suit. This time around it came in the form of the Godfather himself. VILLAINOUS Robert Novak, Crossfire insta-pundit and right-wing columnist extraordinaire, blatantly misquoted Chairman Dean and attributed it to yours truly. And we quote: "He spoke at Cornell University last week, and the only paper that covered this was The Cornell Daily student paper, and he said, yes, Social Security has a big problem. Over the years it's going to lose about 80 percent of the benefits." Actually, Robert, if you read the story, Dean said its benefits would be reduced to 80 percent of what it is now. That's quite a difference. Don't expect an apology soon from Mr. Novak, however. There's a long list of people waiting for one of those. What better way to boost readership of a poorly written column than to make up facts and obfuscate the truth? We know; we do it all the time."-from the op-ed in today's Cornell Daily. It's an ivy league college located in upstate New York. You knew that, but I mention it because I am certain Novack couldn't get in.

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