Wednesday, March 02, 2005

''DNC chief: Stick to core values''

Dean was in Jackson, Mississippi yesterday where he spoke to "cheering Democrats at a fund-raising event." The Clarion-Ledger (MS) has these quotes: "Looking over the large crowd of more than 850 people packed into the Clarion Hotel for a reception and dinner, Dean said he could tell in just a couple of hours "there is nothing wrong with the Democratic Party in Mississippi.'' Dean said door-by-door and precinct-by-precinct the Democrats will take Mississippi back, and he noted there were several statewide election officials in the audience such as Attorney General Jim Hood. Dean also said that Democrats should stick to their values that are not found in the Republican platform. "It is more blessed to give than receive,'' he said. "I didn't notice it in the Republican platform.'' The Sun Herald (MS) goes with an AP story that recaps Dean's recent red state travels and features these messages: "He prayed for American troops, saying even those who had criticized the war in Iraq should support soldiers and their families. He also said the Democratic Party should reach out to evangelical Christians and the party has room for people with divergent views on abortion. "I want to reach out to people who are worried about values," Dean said. "We are going to embrace pro-life Democrats because pro-life Democrats care about kids after they're born, not just before they're born." Where's Howard also has some other comments on the same coverage. P.S. The traffic on this site has been going through the roof. Yesterday we had ten times the usual hits. If you are visiting Rovians, welcome! If anyone has any other ideas, please email me at the address above, located in "my complete profile," under "About Me."

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