Friday, March 25, 2005

''In Reid, Dean sees vestiges of himself''

"Aides to Dean say Reid's recent aggressive style has earned admiration from the former Vermont governor, and is producing a budding friendship between the two men. ''He's honest and direct, which is what Governor Dean likes," said Laura Gross, a spokeswoman for Dean. ...Dean has worked to repair relations on Capitol Hill, meeting privately with the two chamber leaders in Pelosi's office, addressing the Democratic caucuses of each, and speaking to Reid frequently, according to aides. The rapprochement is not entirely surprising, since Dean's success rebuilding the party will be helped by a united front. ''He knows [Reid and Pelosi] are his two most important individual clients," said Jim Jordan, an adviser to Dean. ''He wants very badly to construct a [Democratic National Committee] that serves their purposes."-from the story in the Boston Globe today.

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