Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dean: We'll do ''anything we can'' to defeat Santorum

Prior to his visit to Pennsylvania today, Dean gives a phone interview to the local press, from AP. There's a longer story in the Philadelphia Inquirer, but you may have to register to read it. "National Democratic leaders urged Casey, the son of a former governor, to run after he won election as treasurer in November with the most votes of any candidate in state history. Casey, who opposes abortion and gun control, did well in counties that have often rejected Democratic candidates. "Somebody's position on choice can't be a litmus test," Dean said yesterday. "I'm as pro-choice as they come, [but] Bob Casey has been a tremendous friend of working people." Some abortion-rights supporters in the party have protested the move to anoint Casey, but Dean said that the "progressive community" would quickly realize that Casey has the right positions on health care and other important issues and is a better choice than Santorum."-from the Inquirer story.

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